Zach Diggs Saddles
Drannon Wright - Pueblo, CO, oxblood batwings and inside pockets.

Chinks made for the Top Hand at the 2010 Sand & Sage Ranch Rodeo.

Bob Bamber - Swink, CO  Latigo batwings with outside pockets.

Rob Place - Swink, CO  Backstitch Arizona Bells.

Zane Ede - Fowler, CO  Rounded batwings, with inside pocket and his initials.

My personal pair, yellow batwings with flames and inside pockets.

Josh Weimer - Lamar, CO  Arizona Bells with regular pockets and his brand.

Blake Pennington - Rocky Ford, CO  Chinks with zipper and 2 outside pockets.

Leggins made for Bob Bamber, Swink, CO.

Eric Larsen - Fowler, CO. 

Arizona Bell pattern, full step in with ½ zipper, basket stamp tooled w/brand yokes, single pocket, w/piggin’ string ring.

Blaine Larsen - Fowler, CO.  

Arizona Bell style batwings, laced to the knee, quilt tooled yokes and bells, two outside pockets, piggin’ string ring.

Chinks, sold to Rob Place - Swink, CO

Jake Vanture - Hasty, CO two-tone Arizona Bells, outside pockets.

Garth Perry - Hasty, CO  Arizona Bells with outside pockets.

Tyler Hainer - McClave, CO  Rounded batwings with exaggerated bell and inlaid brand, outside pocket.

Mike Cannon - Fowler, CO  Arizona Bells, outside pockets and his brand.

Chinks for Joni James - Karval, CO  Diamond leather conchos with initials, tooled yolks.

Clay Mayo - Karval, CO Arizona Bells with inside pockets.

Josh Barrett - Sugar City, CO.  Arizona Bells, tooled yokes, half zippers, no pockets, smooth side out show leggins.

Sage Davis - Scott City, KS.  Arizona Bells, tooled yokes, inside pocket, half zipper, H.M. Wells hardware.

Bob Bamber - Swink, CO.  Arizona Bells, 2 inside pockets, tooled yokes, step ins.

Alaina Diggs - Fowler, CO.  Arizona Bells, 2 outside pockets, ring, initials.

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