Zach Diggs Saddles
About Me:
I have been a cowboy my entire life and grew up on ranches in Texas.  My dad, Mike Diggs, is a saddle maker in Spur, TX and I have learned the trade from one of the best.  I currently live in Southeast, CO with my wife and kids working as a ranch hand and building cowboy gear.  I can make any type of gear and ship it just about anywhere.  I have a creative mind and I only turn out perfection in everything I make.
Company History: 
I have been building leggin's, breast collars, belts, reins, medicine and doctoring bags, and chinks since 2007.  I started building saddles in 2009 and have since made over thirty.
Customer Testimonials:
"Quick turn-out and my saddle sits really well." - Josh Whitaker, Pueblo, CO

"Very good craftsmanship." - Zane Ede, Fowler, CO

"I have gotten two pairs of leggin's, two saddles, headstalls, and numerous other items from Zach.  Great quality and fast turn-out." - Garth Perry, Hasty, CO

Guerin Boys - Hugo, OK - on saddles made for them.

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